Bible Study Notes

Do you want to have a more complete understanding of why the word of God was recorded? Its not complicated! God wants us to know.

This Study series is designed to provide a basic yet comprehensive overview of the whole Bible including both the Old and New Testaments. Beginning in Genesis and ending in the Book of Revelation, see how the whole Bible reveals the Purpose God has for this world and the people in it. Individual details of the scripture stories can be best had by personal reading in a comprehensive and regular manner. To assist in this, please contact the website to request a “Bible Reading Planner” for a schedule to help read the complete Bible in a year by spending approximately 20 minutes a day.

1 The Central Theme of the Bible
2 The Time Factor in the Central Theme of the Bible               Time Chart 7000 year plan
3 The Creation, Trial and Nature of Man
4 Adam to Abraham
5 Abraham to Moses
6 Moses Exodus and the Law
7 Joshua and the conquest of Canaan
8  The Kingdom Period
9 The Prophets: the Messianic Prophecies
10 The Prophets: God’s Witnesses The Jews

Further Studies still pending: Please check back regularly.